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Kirby's Tall Catio

Kirby is an only cat who  shares his home with several dogs.  And while they mostly get along, Kirby sometimes wants to relax without the possibility of being awakend by the lick of a giant tongue ;o)  There was a nice window looking out into the front yard in Kirby's favorite room, so this tall catio gives him a private retreat and also a way to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the outdoors in safety and security.

There are lots of trees right outside the catio with birds and squirrels to watch, and deer and other wildlife walk through the yard often.  Strong wire mesh keeps Kirby safe but lets him see, hear, and smell everything that's going on.   A kitty door in the window lets him come and go whenever he wants, and a screen door outside gives mom and dad access too.

Kirby can climb way up to a high perch to watch a bird in the trees, or get right down on the floor to check out a squirrel scampering by. But perhaps what what he appreciates most is having his own special place to take a nap.

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