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UPDATE MARCH 2022:  In my 68th year while I still love building catios and making cats happy, my body has let me know very clearly that it is time to retire from doing this work.  I will no longer be doing consultations or scheduling any new projects.  I had planned to travel and possibly even build a catio or two if I was able.  Health issues have now made both of those things unlikely.  However, I will keep this website up just to provide ideas and inspirations to others - every time another cat gets a catio it makes me very happy.

If you are looking for a catio builder in Central Texas I have good news for you - there are two excellent catio builders, both friends of mine, who love cats as much as I do and who do first rate, high quality work.  I highly recommend them both for your catio needs:

Bob Powell of Affordable Catios    https://www.facebook.com/bobpowellcatio

Oren and Ben Gill of CatManDo Catios   https://catmando-catios.com/



I volunteered for many years at the Shadow Cats sanctuary in Round Rock, Texas.  You can find out about the wonderful work they're doing on their website and Facebook page Here I am trading tips at the Shadow Cats sanctuary with Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and star of the Animal Planet TV show "My Cat From Hell".


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