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Catios can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Every catio I build is a one of a kind, custom designed for your specific setting and needs.  Check out these examples of my catio projects to see some of the many possibilities for creating a safe and fun outdoor paradise for your cats.


The Treehouse Catio - a catio with a skyway connecting to a treehouse

The Classic Catio - all the elements that make a catio a kitty paradise

The Screen Porch Catio - an open porch becomes a wonderful catio

Milo's Playland - a long elevated skyway leads to a catio built around a tree

The Cat Tree Catio - a big tree becomes a cat tree with a catio around it

The Under the Deck Catio - expanded space under an elevated deck

The Long Porch Catio - a big covered porch becomes an enclosed oasis

The Skyway Catio - an elevated walkway connects it to the house

The Down Under Catio - a unique spot underneath an elevated room

The Big Screen Room - a large space for people and cats to enjoy together

The Corner Catio - turning an unused area into a kitty oasis

The Over & Under Catio - a screen porch above and a catio below it

The Very Big Skyway - A long, high elevated enclosed kitty walkway

The Hyde Park Catio - a big space with lots of perches on every wall

The Back Porch Catio - the catio roof extends to cover the back door

The Breezeway Catio - catifying the space between the house and garage

The Treetop Deck Catio - turning an elevated deck into a safe kitty retreat

The Compact Catio - a smaller version that still has lots of features

The Condo Porch Catio - a nice safe little spot on a top floor balcony

The Walkway Catio - connects to a distant cat door with an enclosed run

Kirby's Tall Catio - a vertical retreat that lets Kirby enjoy the outdoors

The Tall Porch Catio - converting a tall porch into a terrific spot for cats

The Deck Catio - turning an elevated deck into a treehouse paradise

The Awning Catio - adding a screen porch under a fiberglass awning

The Hillside Catio - a separate room on a hillside overlooking the yard

Want to see even more?


I also post photos of each new project on my Facebook page.


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